There are fewer and fewer natural resources not yet contaminated or damaged by man through the production cycle, making it very difficult to get food on the market without the presence of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides residues, as well as other active ingredients used in agriculture, in some cases without control.

In Hacienda Las Matas we are well aware of the importance of health and respect for the environment. We use the most appropriate techniques to avoid any residue in food, while rigorously enforcing the terms of food safety and quality in the production, processing and distribution of our products.

We want to do our bit so that future generations will have:

Fertile land: In our vineyards, fruit and olive fields we avoid tillage, maintaining native vegetation throughout the years to minimize erosion, improving its structure and increasing its fertility.

Clean water: The management of irrigation water in our fields is performed with the most modern techniques, avoiding excessive overuse and contamination. Water flow in woody crops (vineyards, fruit trees and olives) is controlled by tensiometers, which measure the moisture status of the soil and trigger the irrigation when its needed. Water is provided through subsurface drip systems, increasing the surface water to prevent losses and reducing its consumption. For extensive plantations, we use central pivot irrigation, avoiding percolation losses and substantially improving the crops performance.

Fresh air: All phytosanitary treatments are made with low flow nebulizers complying with European standards regarding the pollution of other nearby fields and environmental protection.