producción cereza


Cherry Collection.

Once again, the cherry harvest has been an expensive, but rewarding work.

The task of the people who work with us, and using the most advanced techniques of cultivation and care of the earth, reverts in fruits that the most demanding consumer knows to value.

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Wine D.O. Cariñena

Solabrar Garnacha
Old from Aragón.

It comes out on the market our third wine Solabrar, from our own Old Grenache vineyards with over fifty years of history. Know his Tasting Notes! 

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and Health

A project to improve
day by day.

We continue with our commitment to constantly improve, care for the land, the environment and providing consumers with healthy food products.

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Social Commitment

Collaborating with Ozanan Foundation. 

This year has been an illusion for us to collaborate in the XXVI Flea Market of the Ozanan Foundation offering our wines at their stand. 

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