With a tradition of more than forty years as alfalfa dehydrators, Hacienda Las Matas has as clients some of the most important dairies from Spain where Alfalfa is used as a food base for dairy cattle.

aragon alfalfa

Cultivated Variety:

  • Aragon Alfalfa


Sprouts have nutritional properties superior to those of the dry seeds: the content of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes can be multiplied by several hundred during germination. In the case of wheat there is even some elements, such as vitamin C, which are not available in ungerminated seeds.


Origin and History:

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), also called in Aragon, alfalce, alfalz, and algals alfalfez is an excellent forage plant, belonging to the legume family, that grows in almost all temperate areas of the globe.

The tradition of alfalfa in Aragon, reaches twelve centuries of history, where thanks to the favorable climate and soil, has originated in the middle basin of the Ebro an own ecotype , called "Aragon", also present in other areas of the Iberian Peninsula. So much so, that we can say that 90% of the area in Spain is currently devoted to alfalfa (320,000 ha.), seeded with the ecotype “Aragon”.