The family winemaking tradition, (Cariñena D.O), originated in Encinacorba, a village in the Sierra de Algairén, within the Designation of Origin of Cariñena, where over a century and a half ago, our great grandfather, D. Pedro Gasca passed on his love for the land and his knowledge of artisan winemaking techniques.

Don Mendo, in the play “The Mayor of Zalamea” already refers to Cariñena wine in 1636. Later, one of the most fruitful periods in Encinacorba was in 1900, when Grape Phylloxera attacked French vineyards, and most of the Spanish wine was bought by the French who came here just to find it. Some of us still remember how during our childhood we would help to unload and stomp about 100,000 kg of grapes every year, which would become the family yield that was sold in bulk afterwards. Until 1932 the wine was carried in carts supervised by the City Council Watchers, who would measure the yield with jugs. Then the carriages crossed the Gallego river to distribute the wine to the surrounding villages, until the arrival of the railway, when the wine began to be weighted and it was able to reach Huesca.

We, the family descendants, have maintained the roots, love, perseverance and dedication of our predecessors, which are essential virtues in making wine that keeps its soul. For two generations now we have been committed to improving cultivation and production through study, research and development. In 1996 an initial 140 hectares of irrigated land, situated in Almonacid de la Sierra, land of Las Matas and Gil Barraco, within the Designation of Origin of Cariñena, were acquired through an entrepreneurial initiative. The estate was run and managed by wine growers of several generations before the Grape Phylloxera.

In 1999 the first steps in the transformation of cultivation techniques were taken, aimed at maximizing the natural resources of the land, ushering in the plantation of new vineyards which joined old existing ones to improve the means of production and commit to high quality native varieties without sacrificing the freshness of the foreign ones. Over time, the land has been provided with advanced water resources and production, extending its surface area and starting extensive new fruit farming.

Hacienda Las Matas started in 2006 with the aim of selling its own fresh fruit produce, Designation of Origin Cariñena wine and extra virgin olive oil, thus taking over from our ancestors in the world of wine and opening new market horizons for products that give value to the estate.