The Algairén Sierra is a mountain range located in the Cariñena Countryside (Zaragoza, Aragón). It is a small individual part of the IberianSystem, extending from Alpartir to Encinacorba, and running alongside the Ebrodepression, through Almonacid de la Sierra, Tobed, Cosuenda, Codos, Aguaron, Encinacorba, Santa Cruz de Crio and Mainar.

It bears northwest to southeast, parallel to the Ebro valley. Its northwestern side is fragmented into two branches by the Alpartir gully, lodged in a seismic fault line that dies out towards the South.

The Sierra is made of Cambrian slate and quartzite raised during the Alpine folding between two large fissures, which descend from the mountains to the Grío river valley and to Cariñena fields. In the South lies the town of Tobed, where you can make a comfortable ascent to the peak of the mountain range,Valdemadera Peak, 4,186 feet above sea level.

The Algairén Sierra is classified as SPAs (Special Protection Area) for birds, within the declaration of the Natura 2000 ecologicalnetwork. The flora of the mountain is composed of rosemary, rockroses, junipers, and even cork-oaks, a rare specimen in Aragon, as well as reforested pines like Pinusnigr, Pinuspinaster and Pinushalepensis. Source (

Recreation and Leisure Areas:

  • Aguaron Holy place, equipped with picnic tables, barbeques and two hostels.
  • Cabezo Bellota Viewpoint, towards Cosuenda.
  • Raso de la Cruz in Cosuenda, equipped with picnic tables, barbeques and  a fountain, where you can take numerous trips to visit the mountains.
  • A circular route through the Sierra of Algairén , starting from Alpartir and passing through the towns of Almonacid de la Sierra and Cosuenda, from where we head to the Tío Francisco hill after crossing the recreational area "Raso de la Cruz.
  • Mosomero and Tiermas valleys, numerous marked trails perfect for hiking enthusiasts.
  • Pico del Aguila, From Paniza towards Alardren.
  • Valdemadera Peak, with an altitude of 4,186 feet, comfortable ascent from Tobed.


In the eastern part the access is by the N II from La Almunia de Doña Godina, on the A 220 up to Almonacid de la Sierra and Cosuenda, on the N-330 from Cariñena to the same municipalities and Encinacorba, on the A-1504 to Aguaron and Codos.

In the western part the access by the N-II on El Frasno, by the diverting A-1505 to Santa Cruz de Grio and Tobed and from Calatayud on the A-1504 to Codos.

Themed Parties:

Wine Harvest Festival

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